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A Fine Group of Personal Collections

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The Mascot Collection

A personal collection strong on mascots, starting with the rare Montlhéry 7-day record album and an interesting group of Mike Hawthorn items towards the end.


This is Lucas representative, Norman Bushell’s, personal copy of the leather-bound commemorative photographic album produced by Jaguar Cars after the world-record run at the Montlhéry circuit in August 1952.

Estimate Price: (e£5500-6000 – or try an offer)

That event set four world records and saw the XK 120 fhc, LWK 707, average 100.31 mph for seven days. Truly a performance worth commemorating!

The album itself contains 149 black and white prints on 17 pages of photographic paper. They cover many aspects of the run including the celebrations at the end. One full page shows that iconic photo of the car running high on the Montlhéry banking as dawn breaks over the circuit. This was taken by one of the staff photographers from “Vachon Photographe” the Parisian agency appointed as official photographers to the event. The photo was Roy Nockolds’ inspiration for his striking Jaguar showroom poster of the event.

In addition to the album itself, this lot also contains the extremely rare celebration Dinner Menu at which the albums were presented, plus two newspaper clippings related to the record run, an official Jaguar Montlhéry Christmas card signed by Morris-Mortimer Goodall, Jaguar cars Competition Manager at the time, and contemporary hand written details of Records Broken and Records Bettered. There is also a Fine copy of the scarce ‘Jaguar Proves It’ booklet produced by Shell to celebrate their contribution.

I understand that these albums were presented at a special ”Montlhéry Reunion Party” held at the Hyde Park Hotel in London on 27 October 1952. I have handled three of these albums. Adding up all the unique signatures, they total 34. Assuming some did not sign, for whatever reason, I would therefore calculate that there were probably around 40 hosts and guests at the table. In other words, only around 40 copies of these superb albums exist.

These signatures are a striking feature and the only time you are likely to see a comparable set would be in another of these albums! William Lyons heads the list, followed by the drivers – Stirling Moss, Jack Fairman and Leslie Johnson. I can’t spot Bert Hadley’s signature, but it may be one of those I could not decipher.

Then come the rest of the Jaguar team – Bill Heynes, Arthur Whittaker, Ernest Rankin, Mortimer Morris-Goodall, Phil Weaver, Joe Thompson, Bob Berry, Joe “Soapy” Sutton and Harry Weslake. Two guests from the Paris dealership that organised the event – Christian Delecroix and Gerard Levecque. Other signatures include guests Bryan Turle of Shell and Desmond Scannell, Secretary of the BRDC and there are several I have not been able to identify, so there’s a nice research project in here too!

The album is in fine condition with the leather binding fresh and unmarked and the photographs have little sign of age-related deterioration. The album has been protected by its own specially-made cloth-bound solander box that has the same cover imprint as the album. The solander box shows some wear, but has done its job of protecting the album well.

This is a superb item commemorating a milestone event in the creation of the Jaguar legend and with a stunning collection of some of the most desirable Jaguar and Jaguar-related signatures of the era. A Fine album in a VG solander box.


Desmo Jaguar mascot.

Estimate Price: (e£250-300)

These mascots first appeared between the two World Wars in Desmo’s range of animal mascots. Shown here with the flat base for radiator cap fitting. VG.


Two castings from the Prince Michael mascot.

Estimate Price: (e£200-250 the pair)

Only two originals are known to exists. One was supplied on the SS 100 presented to Prince Michael of Romania by the officers of the Royal Romanian Air Force for his 17th birthday – luck lad! The second on an SS Jaguar saloon supplied to the Romanian royal household at the same time. The top casting is one of only 12 made from the original by the late David Barber when the SS 100 was with him for refurbishment. The lower is a “casting of a casting” taken from one of David’s and then finished and plated. VG and Fine.


A single, finished and plated casting of the Prine Michael mascot mounted on a wooden base.

Estimate Price: (e£100-150)



Two solid bronze castings that were taken directly from the unique Gordon Crosby prototype mascot when it was in the possession of the seller.

Sold Price: £400

Photographic comparisons make clear that these are very accurate castings. One mounted, both Fine.


A reproduction SS Car Club mascot.

Estimate Price: (e£200-250)

Finely made in the same vitreous enamel as the originals. Better have one of these on your car, than have your extremely expensive original nicked! Fine.


Four Version 2 Jaguar mascots.

Estimate Price: (e£100-150 the Lot)

Three mounted and one unmounted. Note different bases. Good.


Six Version 3 Jaguar mascots.

Estimate Price: (e£100-150)

Five chrome-plated and mounted, one with matt “gold” colour. Note different bases, top and bottom.


Reproduction Desmo Jaguar mascot with the higher base.

Estimate Price: (e£100-125)

To fill the gap in your collection until the real thing comes along? Fine.


Six later Version 5 and 6 Jaguar mascots.

Estimate Price: (e£100-150 the Lot)

These were the first to have the spring-loaded base with a specific break-off point for new safety regulations. One photo shows the lower base containing the mechanism. Fine.


Hoffman Mascot.

Sold Price: £150

These were produced by the eponymous New York dealership in the 1950s as a spot of private enterprise, not repeated elsewhere. They have been copied but copies can be easily identified as they have a solid base. Originals, like this one, have a concave base, Fine


The first of two mystery mascots!

Estimate Price: (e£50-60)

The first is a well-made piece with a plain circular base that appears to deflect under pressure, probably some form of safety mechanism. Five inches long and clearly based on Version 3 of the Gordon Crosby mascot. Sl spotting on the chrome-plating o/w VG.


The second mystery is slightly smaller and slimmer at 4 ½ inches long and with “Unipart” stamped on the beast’s chest.

Estimate Price: (e£40-50)

An attractive fettled circular base, but the plating has almost entirely worn away. Unusual and would certainly benefit from re-plating. Good.


Slinky beast!

Estimate Price: (e£40-50)

Not sure about this one. At 14 inches long and with screw-holes under the paws, perhaps a door handle? Fine.


Two Version 3 mascots, both de-chromed to show their “Mazak” alloy bodies.

Estimate Price: (e£40-50)

Note different bases. Fine.


Henly’s key fob.

Sold Price: £81

Jaguar’s links with the Henly dealership reach right back to Swallow Coachbuilding days, when their order for 500 Austin Swallows, nearly crippled the company. But Swallow rose to the occasion and, as the saying goes – “The rest is history!”. Some wear o/w VG.


Three different Henleys’ key tabs.

Sold Price: £95

The central one is from Castle Development Unit. As the back shows, this is the first style of the “CUD” maker’s mark in use from the mid-1950s to early 1960s. CUD tabs are sought-after by collectors. VG.


Jaguar keyfob.

Sold Price: £120

Chrome growler with red backing and yellow circular frame. Original tab, fob renovated. Fine.


A miscellany and worth a punt!

Estimate Price: (e£40-50 the Lot)

VG and Fine.


Daimler “Double Six” cam badge.

Estimate Price: (e£40-50)



One for fans of that remarkable Jaguar driver – Mike Hawthorn.

Sold Price: £75

This is the key tab for his father’s “Tourist Trophy” garage in Farnham. An added attraction is that like one of the tabs at Lot 17 above, this is a Castle Development Unit (CUD) tab, which are much sought after by collectors. VG.


Make a Date – Another Mike Hawthorn artwork, this time a print of Paul Dove’s piece celebrating Mike’s International Trophy victory in his Ferrari.

Estimate Price: (e£50-75)

Print 1/50 and signed by Paul. 26 x 21. Mounted, framed and glazed. Fine.


More Mike Hawthorn artwork.

Estimate Price: (e£50-75)

This time a small, impressionistic piece by artist John Ketchell. Mike is portrayed working hard in his Cooper-Bristol during the Whitsun meeting at Goodwood in 1952. Those of you who own a copy of Mike’s biography “Golden Boy” by Tony Bailey and Paul Skilleter, will find the photo it was based on at page 219. Mounted, framed and glazed. Fine.


Two small mono Roy Nockolds prints of Mike mounted in a Ferrari (left) and a Cooper Bristol.

Estimate Price: (e£40-50 the pair)

I understand that these were used as magazine illustrations, but I have not been ale to pin this down. Mounted, framed and glazed. Fine.


Two of Mike’s books – “Challenge me the Race” Motorace Book Club edition and published by William Kimber and “Champion Year” from William Kimber.

Estimate Price: (e£40-50 the pair)

“Original 1950s Bonnet Transfer as fitted to the Jaguar D-typo and Lightweight E-types”.

Sold Price: £313

A real slice of Jaguar history! Mounted, framed and glazed. Fine.


Two mates!

Estimate Price: (e£75-100)

Win Percy and Tiff Needel enjoying each other’s company. Signed by both. Mounted, framed and glazed.


“Goodwood Memories”.

Sold Price: £42

A celebration of D-type -774 RW and C-type – MDU 214. Hard-backed. Fine.


“Seven Days and Seven Nights” by Keith Woodcock.

Sold Price: £145

A very rare “Drivers Proof”. No 3 of only 4 no 386/475. Portrays the world-record run at the Montlhéry track near Paris in August 1952. Signed by the drivers – Stirling Moss, Bert Hadley and Jack Fairman, as well as Mort Morris-Goodall, the team manager. A unique and unrepeatable set of signatures, as all four are no longer with us. 26 x 24. Mounted, framed and glazed. Very rare. Fine.


Another slice of history!

Sold Price: £170

This is the winning SS Cars works team lined up before the 1937 Welsh Rally. From the left – ATM 700 driven by E H Jacob, the eventual winner. CRW 809 was driven by Bill Rankin, Secretary of the SS Car Club, and George Mathew, a works driver, drove AVM 1. All three navigators were the respective wives – brave ladies! Mounted, framed and glazed. Fine.

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The Lou Moore Collection

Lou Moore’s splendid collection of Jaguar brochures reaching right back to Swallow and SS Cars days in the early 1930s. After the brochures is a wider grouping of Jaguar literature, including some very rare items.


An SS 1 launch folder.

Sold Price: £231

1931. This folder and its SS 2 sister, marked the launch of the “SS” marque, with the company still being Swallow Coachbuilding at that stage. Folds are fragile with one taped. o/w Good to VG. Very rare.


SS Jaguar Models & Prices for 1936.

Estimate Price: (e£200-250)

Internally an 8-page fold-out concertina gives details of 2.5 litre Jaguar “100”, Saloon and Open Tourer, plus 1.5 litre Saloon. Prices and specs shown. Stamp of “George A. Final” dealership on cover. VG.


SS Cars card wallet for 1937 pressed to give “hessian” effect and inner fold sealed by gold SS hexagon sticker.

Sold Price: £250

Contains correct four cards – SS 100 card is usually missing – see photo. Price list dated 1 October 1935 tipped in to back of front cover. Fine cards in VG wallet.


This is a very rare poster.

Estimate Price: (e£350-400)

Showroom poster from the Haywards Heath dealership “H.E. Griffin” featuring Jaguar Saloon, FHC and the SS100. It takes the form of an illustrated letter to potential customers. Clearly based on the same format used by SS Cars pre-war, this is a Jaguar poster and therefore dated immediately after the War, even though the SS100 is featured that was not produced post-war. Dealers were encouraged to create these posters locally and only a tiny handful seem to have survived as this is only the fourth I have handled in over 40 years, including the pre-war version I mention above. Framed and glazed, Fine.


SS Cars supplementary sales brochure for 1939.

Estimate Price: (e£100-125)

Leaf-green thin card covers with dark green panel showing “Jaguar 1939 Models” and “SS Cars Limited Coventry” across the foot. Models featured are the Saloon and Drop-Head Coupe with 1.5, 2.5 and 3.5 engines, along with the “100” Sports model offered with either the 2.5 or 3.5 litre engine. VG.


SS Cars sales brochure “Improvements for 1940”.

Estimate Price: (e£150-175)

Thick black card covers with word “Jaguar” embossed in metallic gold ink within white tri-line frame. A four-page addendum describing the improvements for 1940 is bound in. Historic, as this was the last annual brochure to be issued by SS Cars before they switched to war-time production and the company became “Jaguar Cars” in 1945. VG near Fine.


Another rarity!

Sold Price: £119

This four-page folder from Jaguar’s main agency for Belgium is the first I have seen. It features a pre-war photo of a saloon and also mentions the 1.5 litre car, which was not produced post-war, but is clearly a post-war Jaguar brochure, not SS Cars. All very intriguing! Sl horizontal mailing crease, o/w VG.


Brown card wallet w Jaguar winged logo and title on front cover.

Estimate Price: (e£75-100)

14 x 7. Contents are 5 full-colour air-brush illustrations of the Mk V – the 3.5 and 2.5 saloons and the 3.5 DHC, with the top in three positions – fully closed, open only above the driver and front seat passenger (“coupe de ville” position) and fully opened. All have outline specs on the reverse. Also included is a small 4-page colour scheme folder for the Mark V and the XK 120. Wallet has eased along the foot. Fine contents in VG wallet.


The English language version of the small, black brochures introduced in 1945/46 when paper was still rationed post-war.

Estimate Price: (e£100-125)

Based on the large black pre-war brochures (see 36 above) but excludes the SS 100, which did not go into production post-war. Fine condition and rare thus.


Jaguar’s launch brochure for the 2.5 and 3.5 litre Mark V (1948/9) with the XK120 and XK 100 two-seater super sports.

Sold Price: £175

16.5 x 11. 26 pages. The thick card covers are pressed to give a pigskin effect and secured with a plastic comb binder. Includes detailed specifications – in English, French, German and Spanish – for the 2.5 and 3.5 litre Mark V, the XK 120 and the XK 100 (which did not go into production). An exceptionally high-quality luxurious brochure for the immediate post-war period when the likes of paper and ink were still rationed. Also, a key brochure for any Jaguar collection as it is the de facto launch brochure for the XK120 (1948 Motor Show catalogue is at Lot 358) being published before the large maroon brochure in Lot 41 below. It therefore marks the arrival of a new generation of Jaguar cars powered by the world-beating XK engine. Unusually, the front cover shows the same framed winged logo and word “Jaguar” as on the front of the card wallet in Lot 38 above, I suspect this is either covering or replacing the more usual metallic title box as these did deteriorate. Sl dusting on cover o/w VG nr Fine.


“Jaguar Type XK” – the large maroon XK120/100 brochure.

Estimate Price: (e£50-75 the trio)

Superb air-brush illustrations and S E Porter’s cut-away of the XK engine, plus 4-page “Advance Particulars” folder. Also included is a modern reprint for comparison – important for collectors. VG.


XK120 Fixed Head Coupe.

Estimate Price: (e£50-75)

Large four-page brochure, plus reprint of Autocar road test dated 17 October 1952. Brochure has sl rubs top left and top right but is without the usual edginess of large brochures like this. Brochure VG, Road Test Fine.


“An Elegant New Convertible by Jaguar”.

Estimate Price: (e£50-75)

Four-page brochure for the XK120 drop-head coupe. Fine.


Two different editions of the large Mark VII brochure.

Sold Price: £70

1. Pale cream card covers pressed to give “hessian” effect. Maroon label and “Jaguar” in gilt. 2. Pale blue with smooth covers. Dark blue label and “Jaguar” in darker blue and raised ink. Both VG to Fine.


Three different “Advance Particulars” folders for the XK140 with the wording increasing in tempo – are they selling soap powder here?

Estimate Price: (e£40-50 – the trio)

Seriously, it is rare to see all three offered together like this. All are Fine.


“Jaguar XK 140 models”.

Sold Price: £242

One of the last Company brochures to be illustrated principally by the stunning air-brush artwork that was such a feature of Jaguar brochures in the early post-war years. Plus, the Laycock de Normanville overdrive folder for the XK140, which is much rarer than the brochure! Both Fine.


An eye-catching 12-page concertina folder from Jaguar’s German operation celebrating Jaguar’s 60th Anniversary.

Estimate Price: (e£40-50)

Opens out from 8 x 11.5 to a huge 8 x 41 featuring various shot of an XK 140 in that wonderful deep red of the era. Rare and very impressive! Fine.


‘The New Jaguar Mark Eight’.

Estimate Price: (e£40-50)

Oxbridge blue launch folder, with the superb airbrush illustration of the saloon inside. Sl spot on cover o/w Fine.


A Mark VII miscellany!

Estimate Price: (e£50-75 the Lot)

Brochures for the Mark VII M, Overdrive and Automatic versions, plus a professional photo of the car navigating Piccadilly Circus at night. All Fine.


Now for a Mark 1 trio.

Estimate Price: (e£40-50 the trio)

Two folders for the 2.4 litre car – the first to arrive, plus one featuring both the 2.4 and 3.4 cars. All a little edgy on the folds, as usual, o/w VG.