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A Fine Group of Personal Collections

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The Joe Sutton Collection

Joe Sutton was a member of that elite team of Jaguar mechanics who formed the basis of the Competition Department. As such, they were key builders of the C-types and D-types, as well as acting as race mechanics for all the events where Jaguar fielded a works team. Joe also supported such events as the record-breaking 7-day run at Montlhéry in 1952 and Norman Dewis’ 1953 runs along the Jabbeke straight in Belgium, including his record-breaking 172 mph in a modified XK120.

This is Joe’s personal copy of the leather-bound commemorative photographic album produced by Jaguar Cars after the world record run at the Montlhéry circuit in August 1952.

Estimate Price: (e£6000-6500)

That event set four world records and saw the XK 120 fhc, LWK 707, average 100.31 mph for seven days. Truly a performance worth commemorating!

The album itself contains 149 black and white prints on 17 pages of photographic paper. They cover many aspects of the run including the celebrations at the end. One full page shows that iconic photo of the car running high on the Montlhéry banking as dawn breaks over the circuit. This was taken by one of the staff photographers from “Vachon Photographe” the Parisian agency appointed as official photographers to the event. This photo was Roy Nockolds’ inspiration for his striking Jaguar showroom poster of the event.

These albums were presented at a special ”Montlhéry Reunion Dinner” held at the Hyde Park Hotel in London on 27 October 1952. I have handled three of these albums, including Joe’s. Adding up all the unique signatures, they total 34. Assuming some did not sign, for whatever reason, I would therefore calculate that there were probably around 40 hosts and guests at the table. In other words, only around 4 copies of these superb albums exist.

Joe’s album contains 26 signatures – 15 I can read and 11 that are indecipherable! It will be a long time before you see such a collection of Jaguar-related signatures for this golden era. William Lyons heads the list (the knighthood came later), followed by the drivers – Stirling Moss, Jack Fairman and Leslie Johnson. I can’t spot Bert Hadley’s signature, but it may be one of those I could not decipher.

Then come the rest of the Jaguar team – Bill Heynes, Arthur Whittaker, Ernest Rankin, Mortimer Morris-Goodall, Phil Weaver, Joe Thompson (two signatures – one for each bottle?), Bob Berry, and Harry Weslake. Two guests from the Paris dealership that organised the record run – Christian Delecroix (the dealer) and Gerard Levecque. Other signatures include guests Bryan Turle of Shell and Desmond Scannell, Secretary of the BRDC, plus those I have not been able to identify, which will be a nice research project for the weekends!

This lot also contains Joe’s engraved invitation to the Reunion Dinner from the Chairman and Directors of Jaguar Cars Ltd. Plus a copy of the menu for the dinner and a photo of the Jaguar support team with Joe in the centre, instantly recognisable in his flat hat and glasses!

Three books are also included, one of which is. “Omnibus of Speed” ed by Beaumont and Nolan. Stirling Moss contributed one chapter on record-breaking in which he mentions the sort of pranks the team got up to at Montlhéry to relieve the boredom. On one occasion, as he rounded down from the banking, he saw the other three drivers plus a mechanic (possibly Joe), sat at a table on the track straight. As he streaked past, feet away, he saw they were playing cards!

The album is in fine condition with the soft leather binding fresh and unmarked. The photographs show little sign of any age-related deterioration. The album has been protected by its own specially-made cloth-bound solander box that has the same cover imprint as the album. This box shows some internal spotting and sl external wear, but has done an excellent job of protecting the album for the past 71 years!

This splendid opening Lot for the auction offers a superb and very rare item commemorating a milestone event in the creation of the Jaguar Legend, along with a stunning collection of some of the most desirable Jaguar and Jaguar-related signatures of the era This is only the third of these albums I have handled. The first was Sir William’s own coy, which sold for £16,600 in 2013. The second sold for ££9,500 and prices have slipped since, so Joe’s copy is offered at £6000-6500.


A unique photo album – covering Jaguar competition exploits from the early 1950s and with C-types predominating.

Sold Price: £1000

Joe was a keen and very effective amateur photographer. He took his camera into the pits and track-side at many meetings when Jaguar fielded C-types during the first half of the 1950s. These included including – Le Mans 1951, 1952, 1953 and 1954, Dundrod 1951, Reims 1952 and Goodwood 1953. Those with a better eye for tracks than me, will be able to identify other meetings. In terms of the cars, by far the majority show C-types – in the pits or on the tracks. Another exceptional aspect of Joe’s photography is the way in which he focusses on the people as well as the cars. These include the drivers, of course, but also his fellow mechanics and other Jaguar players and visitors in the pits. Joe’s photos are also supplemented by some from his fellow race-mechanic, Frank Rainbird (especially those showing Joe in the pits), as well as some agency photos.

All his means that future generations have been left a unique and quite extraordinary record of Jaguar’s racing exploits across these years, which are presented in the album that comprises this Lot. There are over 100 photos in total – 81 in the album plus another 11 loose inside the front cover. A further 14 are in a separate folder and include photos taken at various functions in Joe’s retirement. Most of the photos are either VG or Fine, with only a small number that are Good. The race photos range in size from 7×5 to 7×9 with a much smaller number snap-shot size. Others are a mixture

It would take most of this catalogue to describe in detail each individual photo – the cars, the events, the people and the activities! Therefore, if you require more details on the photos before you bid, please do not hesitate to mail me using the contact forms here within my website. One caveat – no requests for copies of photos please!

“Unique” is a much over-used word these days (on eBay, it simply means “I haven’t seen one before!”). However, in the truest sense of the word, this album is a genuinely unique and a very important slice of Jaguar’s history.


Stirling Moss’s 1952 Christmas card to Joe, who was his mechanic at several events.

Sold Price: £75.00

It is signed “Here’s to ’53 Joe. Stirling.” Plus, two other cards – one from Dick Jeffery of Dunlop’s Racing Division and one from Richard Cresswell, a Jaguar engineer, test driver and club racer. Fine and VG.


“The Greatest Road Race in the World”.

Sold Price: £75.00

20-page booklet produced by Jaguar to celebrate the Walker/Whitehead victory at Le Mans in 1951. Excellent photography throughout, including several by Klemantaski. Cover rubbed o/w. VG. Rare.


Jaguar’s 1956 Christmas card showing Ronnie Adams on his way to Victory in the Monte Carlo Rally, mounted in his Mark VII.

Sold Price: £40.00

Card has facsimile signature of Sir William and includes a roneoed letter awarding Joe a “Merit Bonus.” The letter bears Sir William’s personal signature, which is not seen very often. VG.


A small collection that marks Joe’s long connection with the British Racing Mechanics Club comprising – Menu for 1st Annual Dinner & Dance on 16 October 1959. Menus for 1973, 1974 and 1977 Dinner & Dances.

Sold Price: £90.00

Copies no 2, 3, 4 and 5 of the Club magazine “Racing Mechanic”. Two of Joe’s BRMC ties. BRMC windscreen stick and Jaguar licence holder. VG to Fine.

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The Tony Bond Collection

Tony was one of that group working on the XJ220 who came from a racing background. He worked at TWR from the early 80s racing the Rover SD1 and then the Jaguar Group C team building the all carbon fibre XJR 6. A brief spell at Arrows F1 team followed, then Brabham and three seasons with Williams, returning to TWR to work on Tom’s new venture - prototype building and testing the XJ220, which Tony helped see through to production. He became world-wide service manager and then production manager. After XJ220, Tony moved over to TWR Engineering as prototype build manager developing the new DB7, which eventually went into production in the old XJ220 factory in Bloxham.

In the words of a colleague “Tony could make an engine sing!”


An XJ220 tool kit contained in a very elegant soft leather wallet with “XJ220” embossed on the flap.

Sold Price: £2300.00

I’ve checked the contents against the XJ220 Parts List and all are present and correct, including the chamois leather. A very rare item and I’ve only handled two previously, the last in 2017 and neither had the chamois leather. Wallet – Fine. Tools – Mint.


A full set of owner’s literature for the XJ220.

Sold Price: £500.00

Owner’s Handbook, Service Record and Warranty, European Emergency Assistance, Sales & Service Directory and Audio System booklet These are rare items individually and this is only the fourth full set I have ever handled. All these booklets have seen use and are Good/VG.


Hallmarked sterling silver JaguarSport key-fob – this one is engraved to “XJ220 No 004”.

Sold Price: £500.00

However Car number 4 was allocated to Prince Jefri of Brunei. Numbered keys are rare and this one is in Fine condition.


Zytek Engine Management Fault Finding kit.

Sold Price: £950.00

This one is specific to the XJ220 engine and comprises – electronic pack, both cables and the all-important floppy disc, which is so often missing. Not clear from the photo, but the electronic pack is inscribed with the number – 5M 3159 SPD 1039. If you google the heading to this Lot, you will find much detail on this kit. Untested. Very rare.


JaguarSport press pack announcing that the XJ220 have been give the production go-ahead.

Estimate Price: (e£75-100)

In the correct JaguarSport folder and embargoed to 10.30 am on 14 December 1989. Six pages including mention of – styling by Geoff Lawson and Keith Helfet, initial build of 220 with increase to 350 if required, application procedure, allocation on “first come-first served” basis and three pages of specs. Also 3 x 35mm slides. A historic moment in the life of the car – and for Jaguars too. Seldom seen, especially with the slides. Fine.


JaguarSport Warranty Policy Procedures – XJ220.

Estimate Price: (e£50-75)

28-page A4 booklet dated May 1992 with four Sections – 1. Intro, 2. Conditions, 3. Policy & Procedures. 4. Claim preparation, submission, credit, material recovery. Guidance for dealers and an intriguing insight to the admin back-up for XJ220 sales. Rare. Fine nr Mint.


Three “Next Service” stickers and the “XJ220” decal that is located below the air inlets on both sides of the car.

Sold Price: £56.55

All unused. All Fine.


Some XJ220 adminery.

Estimate Price: (e£40-50)

Unused Application Form – 4-page carbons. Photocopy of Mick Jagger’s application form. Copy of 2-page Vehicle Maintenance Sheet, copy of Paint Report. Interesting. Unusual. All VG or Fine.

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The Mike Moreton Archive

After time as a design/development engineer at Vauxhall, Mike spent 23 at Ford with involvement in Engineering, Product Planning, Marketing and, finally Motorsport. In that latter capacity he was deeply involved in the RS Escorts, Capris, Granadas and Sierras, with all their many variants. It was then that Mike first met Tom Walkinshaw, who test drove several of the cars, the RS200 rally car. Mike was subsequently head-hunted from Ford by Tom to lead the XJ220 project.

Brochure for the V12-engined version of the XJ220 that never went into production.

Sold Price: £1250.00

This is one of the rarest and most sought-after post-war Jaguar brochures. A small number of brochures were produced before the decision was taken to run with the V6 turbocharged engine. Most were then destroyed but a tiny number escaped into the wild. I last sold a copy in 2020 and that fetched £1400 This copy comes from Mike Moreton’s collection and has been very well protected by its envelope that bears a note in Mike’s hand – “Original 220A V12 Jaguar engine “. A standard brochure from Mike’s archive is included for comparison. Both brochures are Fine very near Mint.


XJ 220 tread plate No 1, with a plaque “To Mike Moreton From All At Project 220”.

Sold Price: £252.00

At the 20th anniversary gathering of the XJ220 team at Weston Park, Mike’s colleagues presented him with this appreciation. This has been entered by Helen Moreton, Mike’s widow, who hopes it will return to an XJ220 team member. Fine. Unique.


“Jaguar 220 – the inside story” by Mike Moreton, the XJ220 Project Leader.

Estimate Price: (e£200-250 the Lot)

This book is Mike’s own copy and is accompanied by an extensive portfolio of Mike’s notes, photos, sketches and diagrams that he drew on while drafting the book. These include – JaguarSport press release, Wykham Mill site layout, production line flow, organisation chart, correspondence with publishers, many photos annotated in Mike’s own hand for locating in the book, over 80 x 35mm slides and much more. This is truly a unique and historic portfolio that expands the XJ220 story beyond the book. If you require more details, just mail me.


“TWR Group – Design, Engineering and Manufacturing.”

Estimate Price: (e£50-75)

Large, full-colour brochure covering the full range of services offered by the TWR group with a specific focus on competition work. This brochure is from the mid-1990s and the Silk Cut Jaguar racers created by TWR feature heavily throughout, with the XJ220, XJ220S and XJR-15 also covered. The JaguarSport versions of the XJS and XJ40 gain a mention. 14 x 11. 16pp with two at the back double-sized. Wire-bound in heavy card cover. Targeted at the trade and media rather than retail customers, these are seldom seen and of particular interest to fans of the pivotal role TWR played in the renaissance of Jaguar. Fine.


Two small slim TWR Group brochures that complement the above brochure.

Estimate Price: (e£40-50)

One with slip-case and one without. 12pp. 4 x 11. Individual full-colour photos on every page that illustrate the full range of activities handled by the Group. Fine nr Mint.


An unused copy of the “certificate of allocation” supplied with each new XJ220.

Sold Price: £125.00

Housed in the correct embossed card folder and protected by a transparent sheet with the annotation in Mike’s own hand “XJ220. Certificate for each Production Car” and probably unique thus. Fine nr Mint.


XJ220 Information Sheet. Jaguar’s four-page card fldr.

Estimate Price: (e£40-50)

Centrepiece is Stuart Spencer’s superb XJ220 cut-away, surrounded by full-colour photos of car details. Outline specs on the back. Fine.


The standard black XJ220 launch brochure from JaguarSport showing the V6 engine.

Estimate Price: (e£40-50)

In original envelope annotated in Mike’s hand “Press Announcement for 350 cars”. Fine brochure in VG envelope.


“Rallye Sport Fords – The Inside Story”.

Estimate Price: (e£40-50)

Mike’s own account of his 23 years at Fords and an extraordinary story it is spanning the RS Escorts, Capris, Granadas and Sierras, with all the many variants. Covers Mike’s early encounters with Tom Walkinshaw, which started when Tom was test driving the Escort RS200. He describes Tom as “a very quick and competitive touring car driver!” It was these early contacts that eventually led to Tom head-hunting Mike from Ford to manage the XJ220 Project. The front end-paper shows Ford designer John Hartnell’s artwork of the RS200 interior. A real bonus of this lot is that John’s original artwork is included. So, if you own an RS200, this is for you! Fine book and Fine artwork.


Three VHS tapes of the XJ220 in action.

Estimate Price: (e£40-50)

Labelled in Mike’s hand – “XJ220 Texas. Sep 92” – “XJ220 Top Gear Oct 92” and XJ220 Nürburgring”. All transferred to a UK standard DVD.

Section A/4

Steve Currie’s Collection

Steve joined Ford’s European Truck Headquarters in 1981 as a graduate trainee at. He then moved to Austin Rover in 1985 and became part of the Honda Japan and Rover joint engineering program for the Rover 200 3, 4 and 5 door series. In late 1989, he was contacted by his old Ford Special Vehicle Projects colleague, Paul Burton, who was joining the Jaguar XJ220 program. Paul asked if Steve was interested in joining in what was intended to be the ‘Ferrari of Great Britain’ and before he duly started on the 2nd of January 1990.

Steve’s role was Senior Engineer for Body Trim and Hardware and he became known as ‘Steve of the North’. This was because he was based at Descartes Design and Abbey Panels in Exhall, Coventry until the Body and trim design was complete and the body production was well underway. After the XJ220 project was finished, Steve and others were transferred to TWR Kidlington, where they began work on the Volvo C70 Coupe and Convertible.


XJ220 Service Manual.

Estimate Price: (e£200-250)

Loose-leaf 4-ring binder. 429 pages printed on high-grade coated paper. Contents are Introduction and 15 Sections. VG near Fine.


XJ220 Parts Manual.

Estimate Price: (e£200-250)

Loose-leaf 4-ring binder. 390 pages printed on high-grade coated paper. Introduction and 16 Sections covering all aspects of the car and the line drawings are in themselves an education into the complexity of the vehicle. VG near Fine.


XJ220 Owner’s Handbook.

Estimate Price: (e£150-200)

Sections include: Introduction; Instruments; In-car Facilities; Driving; Vehicle Care and Servicing; and one section of Specs. This is a rare book in Fine condition.


“XJ220” by Philip Porter with photos by Peter Burn.

Estimate Price: (e£250-300)

Osprey Automotive, 1994. Black cloth binding in black cloth slip-case. Philip’s well-crafted and informed words are neatly complemented by Peter Burn’s fine images. Protected by its original mailing box. Fine book and slip-case in VG box.


Jaguar Racing paddock jacket.

Sold Price: £125.00

Size – Large. These were not available to the public. This one is exceptionally well-padded, so will be ideal for when winter closes in around us! Has seen some wear but is still VG.


Turquoise JaguarSport pullover.

Estimate Price: (e£40-50)

Size not too clear on the label, but looks like “medium.” Has seem wear but still VG.


JaguarSport key fob engraved on the back “To Steve from Project XJ220”.

Sold Price: £100.00

Unique. Fine.


JaguarSport V12 cam cover badge.

Estimate Price: (e£50-75)

Unused. Fine.


“25th Anniversary. TWR Group – Design, Engineering and Manufacturing.”

Estimate Price: (e£50-75 the Lot)

Large, full-colour brochure covering the full range of services offered by the TWR group with a specific focus on competition work. This brochure is the same basic format as Lot 18 above but significantly revised and updated for the group’s 25th anniversary in 2001. In its original box, so well-protected. Also, the slim complimentary brochure that is, in effect, a potted version of its big brother. Finally, a copy of a brochure for the Swedish company AutoNova, a member of the TWR Group. All Fine. All rare.


XJ220 calendar.

Estimate Price: (e£40-50)

The official Jaguar factory calendar for 1992. Very dramatic full-page shots of this most photogenic of cars. Still in its original box. Mint.


My favourite photo poster of the XJ220 – the most beautiful Jaguar ever created!

Estimate Price: (e£75-100 the pair)

Superb high-definition photography. Two copies both in their original black card tubes. Mint.


An XJ220 licence disc and the “XJ220” decal that is located below the side air inlets on the car.

Estimate Price: (e£75-100 the pair)

Both unused. Both Fine.


Stuart Spencer’s excellent cut-away of the V12 XJ220 prototype.

Sold Price: £80.00

This was distributed with the Motor Show edition of Autocar & Motor in the launch year of 1992. All those copies and others circulated in the likes of press packs, were diminished by being heavily folded and creased, usually mechanically. This unfolded framed and glazed copy is 23 x 17 and used to hang in the Chief Engineer’s office at Bloxham! Mint.


Two XJ220 wheel nuts.

Sold Price: £116.00

Plus two wheel badges and one wheel badge holder. All VG or Fine.


The standard black XJ220 launch brochure from JaguarSport showing the V6 engine.

Sold Price: £45.00



“Jaguar XJ220 and the Abbey Panels Group”.

Sold Price: £67.55

16-page booklet with metallic silver cover. Contains a very unusual selection of photographs of the development of the XJ220 bodywork, which was handled by Descartes – some of which I have not seen before. Fine. Rare.


Four copies of “TWR Torque”, the group’s in-house magazine. Summer ’96, Summer ’97, Winter ’97 and Summer ’98.

Estimate Price: (e£75-100)

An intriguing over-view of the Groups activities. Includes mention of – move to Leafield, DB 7 Volante, Volvo 850 racing, AutoNova joins the Group, F1 shift from Ligier to Arrows – and that’s just in the Summer ’96 issue! Fascinating! All have seen wear and are Good to VG. Not seen very often.


Aerofoil sample – from an XJR-12

Estimate Price: (e£40-50)

Rare, probably unique. Fine.


Engineer’s Trammel drawing instrument and Kaylock templates.

Estimate Price: (e£40-50 the Lot)

Fine and VG.


A rare group of XJ220 small parts – Coolant pump, fuel pump, starter-motor housing and door handle assy.

Estimate Price: (e£50-75 the Lot)

All VG.


“The Cat is Back.”

Estimate Price: (e£40-45)

1996. This is the comprehensive brochure with the silver-grey car on the front – a massive 42 pages, some doubled. 12 x 12. Superb photography throughout. VG.

Section A/5

Jim Eastick Collection

Jim joined Jaguar 1948 as the third member of the Experimental Engine Dept, headed up by the legendary Jack Emerson. Gradually, the Engine Section expanded with Jim concentrating on engine test and development. This was the period when Jaguar was very active and successful in racing with the XK 6-cylinder engine and the 5 litre 4 camshaft V12 engine intended for the mid engined XJ13 to produce an eventual 502 bhp.

In 1965, Jim was promoted to foreman over the Experimental Engine test operation and later to a project development staff engineer role. There, he was responsible for developing the military version of the XK 6-cylinder engine for the extensive series of military vehicles, headed by the Scorpion tank and he continued in this role through to his retirement in 1992.


Genuine period original D type fuel filler cap that was also used on the dry sump oil tank.

Sold Price: £820.00

Note the ‘ring’ on the top of the cap – this was so the Le Mans ‘plombeur’’ could thread his wire seal through once refuelling had been completed.


An original (1961) Jaguar Apprentices Motor Club badge in chrome and enamel (3 inches diameter).

Sold Price: £131.00

These were the first badges produced by the Club. It was well respected and RAC affiliated, with ‘Lofty’ England as the first President.


“Jaguar – the History of a Great British Car” by Andrew Whyte.

Estimate Price: (e£75-100 the Lot)

Signed by Sir William Lyons, Bill Haynes and Andrew. All three sadly no longer with us. This is a copy from the 1980 edition specially printed for Jaguar Cars. These can be identified by the “growler” at the foot of the spine. Accompanied by two Coventry Evening Telegraph tributes to “Wally” Hassan on his death in 1996. A unique set all VG.


A very special, probably unique piece of Jaguar engineering.

Sold Price: £138.00*

Presented to Jim on his retirement, this is one of the titanium connecting rods intended for the 1960 3 litre Le Mans engine fitted to E2A. Only a very small number of these were procured and they proved fragile on the test bed. Jim experienced two failures but he managed to avoid the ‘shrapnel’ as the engines self-destructed when the rods fractured! The piston crown is also from the 3 litre engine.