Instruction Book for the Jaguar 2.5 and 3.5 litre models – 1946.

Sold Price: £40.00

6 x 9.5. 78 pp. A second copy. Wiring and chassis diagrams both present. Has seen wear. Good.


One of the first Jaguar sales offerings after the war ended.

Estimate Price: (e£200-250)

This thin card wallet contains reprints of two 1945 press reviews of “The Jaguar Programme” – one from Autocar dated 21 September 1945, the other from Motor and dated 26 September 1945. Three cards of the Jaguar saloons are in the pocket, plus an extra one for the 3.5 litre saloon. Price list on the flap shows manuscript date “1946”. Another real rarity. VG nr Fine.


The first of three different editions of the tiny black sales brochures issued in 1945/46 and which are “miniatures” of the pre-war black brochures such as Lot 1251 above.

Sold Price: £100.00

All are 4 x 2 and 16 pages long. This one is in English, with an undated price list inside the back cover. Cover lettering is sl faded. RS. Rare. VG.


This miniature brochure is in German – for the Emil Frey organisation in Switzerland.

Sold Price: £130.00

Manuscript note on the front page – “Post-war (1945-6)”. Rare. VG.


This miniature brochure is in French and I suspect may also have been for Switzerland.

Sold Price: £125.00

Unlike the two above, this brochure has tissue interleaving between the covers and the text pages and is in exceptionally Fine condition. Rare thus.


Operating Instructions for Air Conditioning and Defrosting System on Jaguar Cars”.

Sold Price: £45.00

Small four-page leaflet 3 x 5. Not too sure of the dating but I notice specific reference to the air conditioning system in the miniature brochures above. Unusual. Fine.


This 4-page Belgian sales leaflet is a real rarity among rarities! The front page is a letter to potential customers from “Jaguar Car Distributors (Belgium and Luxembourg) Ltd” in Brussels.

Sold Price: £207.00

The centre-spread is illustrated with standard Jaguar images and a cornucopia of fonts and type faces. The real bonus is on the back page with a half-page ad illustrating the Van Den Plas rebodying of a Jaguar saloon. Although a free-hand drawing rather than a photo, this looks like the car that appeared at the Brussels Show in 1948 and this is the only sales item to feature the car. Note the correct spelling of “Van Den Plas” – not the distorted “Vanden Plas” later adopted when the company passed into British hands. Shows wear with some creasing, dust stains at the top of page 1 and a one-inch tear on the right. A very rare example of a one-off piece of marketing. Good.


“Jaguar Drop Head Coupe” – Mark IV brochure.

Sold Price: £45.00

Four-page folder 9 x 12. Uses gold metallic ink on the cover and internally along with spot red. As always, the ink has rubbed but this only detracts slightly from a well above-average brochure. VG.


“Jaguar Saloon and Coupe Models” – Sister Mark IV brochure to the one above.

Sold Price: £49.00

Four-page folder 9 x 12. Uses gold metallic ink on the cover and internally along with spot green. Usual ink rubs, horizontal mailing fold and sl tear at left end of the fold. Good.


“Caracteristiques Preliminaires De La Nouvelle Jaguar Type XK “100” et “120” modeles Super Sport”.

Estimate Price: (e£20-25)

This is the French language version of the English “Advanced Particulars” folder. Both were printed by Jaguar’s contract printers – Adams Brothers and Shardlow of Leicester. Undoubtedly good printers but clearly short of fonts that included French accents! Not seen often outside France. VG ne Fine.


The 1948 launch brochure for the XK100 and XK120 sports cars along with the Mark V saloon.

Sold Price: £400.00

Both were jointly launched at the 1948 Motor Show so this is the true XK120 launch brochure, not the maroon brochure at Lot 1269 below.  The thick card covers are pressed to give a” pigskin” effect with a metallic title plate on the front cover. The whole is secured with a plastic comb binder. Mk V illustrations include chassis details as well as tipped in colour plates for the saloons and the DHC. XK sports car illustrations include body details showing such early features as straight-sided windscreen pillars and the fuel filler cap inside the boot. Huge at 16.5 x 11, the 26 pages include detailed specifications in English, French, German and Spanish. Bearing in mind that WW2 had only ended three years previously and the likes of paper, ink and certain plastics were still rationed, this is an extraordinarily high-grade brochure for the time and this particular example is one of the best I have seen. It is protected by its original heavy card wrap and is accompanied by a sales letter dated 9 May 1949 Fine approaching Mint.


The 1948 launch brochure for the XK100 and XK120 sports cars along with the Mark V saloon – a second copy.

Estimate Price: (e£250-300)

This one shows a degree of spotting on the title page, occasional finger-marks where the pages have been turned and sl lifting of the metallic plate on the cover, which is easily rectified. This copy is accompanied by a sales letter dated May 1950. Just pipped by Lot 1266 above but still a very impressive brochure that marks a watershed in Jaguar history with the arrival of a new generation of Jaguar cars powered by the world-beating XK engine. Fine.


Jaguar Price List dated January 1949.

Sold Price: £85.00

With prices for the XK 120 and the XK 100 – even though the latter was still not yet in production. Mark V prices show both the saloon and DHC with 32.5 and 3.5 engines. Faint dealer stamp top right o/w VG.


“Jaguar Type XK” – the second of the large maroon XK120/100 brochures.

Estimate Price: (e£100-125)

14 x 10. Four pages plus cover. Suburb air-brush illustrations and S E Porter’s cut-away of the XK engine. Celebrates “Soapy” Sutton’s 132.6 mph run over the flying mile on the Jabbeke straight on 30 May 1949. Lists specs for the XK 120 and the XK 100. Full page of praises from the world’s press. This is an exceptionally high-quality copy of this brochure. Its size and the thin glossy paper make it particularly vulnerable to edginess, creasing and tears. This brochure has none. One sl rub lower left corner o/w Fine, nr Mint and very rare in this condition.


“XK 120 Special Equipment Model”.

Sold Price: £225.00

8 x 6. Four-pages plus cover. This brown-tone folder is one of the rarest XK120 sales items. It features a page of specs and a full-page side-on shot of car in rural setting. There is also a full-page illustration of the XK engine and a further page of notes on the engine. The Foreword notes the performance enhancements included in the SE model and confirms that this model is in series production. This means that it was eligible for “production sports car” events. Important stuff for Club racers of the era. Fine.


Handbook for XK 120 Super Sports and FHC.

Sold Price: £75.00

Yellow label. Pub No RP 5, the last edition. This copy has a sticker inside the front cover for owners of the XK 120 Special Equipment model (see Lot above). It details differences from the standard model and various other comments such as brake adjustments and a performance table for cars fitted with the 3.54:1 axle ratio. An important book for all owners of XK120 SE cars. Cover noticeably rubbed. Sl water-stain on first and last pages o/w VG.


Handbook for XK 120 Super Sports and FHC.

Sold Price: £100.00

6 x 10. 60 pp. Dated 20/6/40. Yellow cover with darker yellow label. Covers and label rubbed. RS. Dust top right of title page. Good to VG.


“Jaguar XK 120 Coupé”.

Sold Price: £75.00

This small, 8 x 5, four-page folder was a local initiative by the Paris distributor CH. F. Delecroix, designed and printed in Paris. FHC model on page three, which dates it as 1951, or later. Seldom seen outside France. Fine.


“An Elegant New Convertible by Jaguar” The final model in the XK120 line-up was launched in 1953, only a year before the line ended with the launch of the XK140 in 1954.

Estimate Price: (e£50-75)

This four-page folder appeared at launch time with its very pale-green band at the top of the cover and similar spot colour throughout. The cover caused some problems for dealers as if they were exposed to sunlight, or even daylight for lengthy periods, the whole of that block would eventually fade away. This copy has good colour, is a little edgy, as usual, o/w VG.


“Technical Specifications”.

Sold Price: £63.00

Nine-page booklet listing parts of the 2½ and 3½ litre Mark V and XK120 in seven European languages. If you are driving in Europe, this is for you. It covers such aspects as – Engine Dimensions, Engine Performance, Engine Details, Transmission, Chassis Details, Performance Data and Dimensions. If you want the carburettor fixed, point to that in the English section and run your finger across the line until you reach the language you want. Also covers the XK100, but you’ll probably not need that(!) RS o/w Fine.


“An entirely new car of unparalleled beauty”.

Sold Price: £38.00

Four-page private enterprise folder by “Foreign Motors Inc. of Brookline, Massachusetts. For XK120 and Mark VII. Fine.


“Jaguar Salesman’s Data Book”.

Sold Price: £300.00

A pocket-sized booklet covering XK120, Mark VII and XK 120SE. 4 x 6. 36 pp. The first two sections are “Salient Features” and “General Specs” then details on the likes of dimensions, colour schemes, performance, etc. Two pages on the XK120SE. A separate price list dated July 1954, covers all three models. Rare, especially with the dated price list. Fine.


“Jaguar Mark VII and XK 120 Models”.

Sold Price: £42.00

Mono folder. 8.5 x 6 opening to 17 x 12. Printed for Hoffman of New York but has stamps of another dealer on back and front covers. This is a mono folder based on the small apple-green brochure at Lot 1153 above. Fine.


“Operating and Maintenance Instructions for the Trico Windscreen Washer as fitted to the Mark VII and XK120 Models”.

Sold Price: £25.00

The price has to be worth it just for that title! Four-page flier. Top lh corner clipped. Good.


“Effortless Controlled British Overdrive”.

Sold Price: £50.00

6 x 9. Four-page brochure plus cover for the Laycock de Normanville overdrive. Presumably aimed at the North American market. Comprehensive and unusual in this depth. Vertical mailing fold o/w Fine.


Jaguar Christmas card for 1953 – shows Nockolds’ painting of the August 7-day record run at Montlhéry.

Sold Price: £45.00

Unsigned. Fine.


“The Distinguished British Jaguar – The Finest Car of its class in the World”.

Sold Price: £25.00

Four-page brochure plus cover. 8 x 6. This one really raided the dictionary, doubtless with tongue-in-cheek – matchless, amazing, sensational, superlative, swank and breath-taking are all summonsed to the cause of celebrating the XK120 and Mark VII. Fine.


Mark VII brochure.

Sold Price: £25.00

Pale beige textured cover with maroon title box and “gold” spot colours. 14 x 10. 12 pp. Those who know this series of brochures will spot the unusual serifed print at the foot, which marks this one out as a rarity – in Europe and the States at least. It was printed by D. W. Paterson Co. Pty. Ltd in Melbourne! Vertical mailing crease and has seen wear. Good.


Mark VII brochure.

Estimate Price: (e£20-25)

Pale beige smooth cover with black title box and red spot colours. 14 x 10. 12 pp. This one is in French for the Swiss market and was printed by A. Fricker of Frick in Canton Aargau. Cover dusty at edges – will clean with a soft rubber. Vertical mailing crease o/w Good.


Four-page paper flier for “Purkess Limited” self-drive car hire.

Estimate Price: (e£15-20)

XK 120 listed in the middle of all the Consuls, Anglias and Rileys! A nice curio. Fine.


“On choosing a Jaguar” – XK150, Mark 2 and Mark IX.

Estimate Price: (e£15-20)

Small brochure. 7 x 3.5. 8 pp. For the US market. RS o/w Fine.


“On Choosing a Jaguar” – XK150, Mark 1 and Mark IX.

Estimate Price: (e£15-20)

Small brochure. 7 x 3.5. 8 pp. An earlier version of the above brochure for the US market. Fine.


“The New XK 150 Disc Brake Jaguars” featuring the DHC and FHC models.

Estimate Price: (e£30-40)

This heavy card folder opens out twice – from right to left, then top to bottom. From 12.5 x 8 to a full 25 x 16. There were no fewer than six different printings of this folder running from 5.1957 to 2.1959. This is 5.57 and is the most intriguing of all. In the specs on the back page, the standard engine is shown as the 210 bhp engine with the B-type head and twin SU HD6 carbs. The Special Equipment model is described in a two-line paragraph and only in terms of extra equipment. All other printings show the 190 bhp engine as standard with the 210 bhp engine shifted to the Special Equipment paragraph, now expanded to a breath-taking four lines. Covers rubbed front and back and bumped top r/h corner. Internally fresh and unmarked. VG.


“The New XK 150 Disc Brake Jaguars” featuring the DHC and FHC models.

Estimate Price: (e£30-40)

A second printing. This heavy card folder opens out twice – from right to left, then top to bottom. From 12.5 x 8 to a full 25 x 16. This is printing no 7.58 and shows the 190 bhp engine as standard with the 210 bhp engine tucked into the Special Equipment paragraph. Covers rubbed front and back. Internally and bumped top r/h corner o/w VG.


US brochure for the Series 1 E-type, Mark 2 and Mark X.

Estimate Price: (e£25-30)

11.5 x 9. 16 pp with tissue interleaving between cover and text block. Attractive use of paintings rather than photography to illustrate the cars. Crease across top right corner o/w VG.


Series 1 E-type launch brochure with its iconic steering wheel cover by airbrush artist, John Beecham.

Sold Price: £125.00

This is the first edition with a spiral wire binding, which is undamaged. Eight pages and no road tests etc. at the back. This is a genuine first edition and the evidence for this is the printer’s details at the foot of the back page. The dark side of the trade has been known to remove the last four pages from the later 12-page editions and then pass them off as first editions – charging the premium price of course. Caveat emptor indeed! This copy suffers the usual rubs on the high-gloss finish of the cover and there is a pink splash on page 2 (see photo) o/w the internals are fresh and clean. VG.


“Jaguar ‘E’ Type Range – Series 2”.

Estimate Price: (e£40-50)

“Jaguar ‘E’ Type Range. – Series 2”. Eight-page concertina card folder. 11 x 7 opening to 11 x 28. Cover shows red drop-head disappearing right – sharpish! Dated 10/68. VG near Fine.


A brilliant folder for the E-type produced by the Cologne dealership Kirschbaum.

Sold Price: £159.00

This opens out six-fold from 5 x 8 to a splendid 31 x 8 beautifully displaying the fine lines of an fhc. Seldom seen, especially outside Germany. Fine.


Technical Descriptions and Specifications – “E” Type Grand Touring Models”.

Sold Price: £200.00

8 x 11. 16 pages of text and data along with 16 pages of line drawings and photos. This rather bland booklet was the heart of the press pack handed to the media at the E-type launch in 1961. This is the version dished out to the lesser media. Covers rubbed but internals are fresh and clean. VG. Historic.


An amusing board game “Motor Chase across London”.

Estimate Price: (e£30-40)

Using a degree of artistic licence with the cover illustration, this could be a Mark 2 police car chasing an XK120! Fine condition and complete with two tiny cars to race. Good fun and very unusual. VG.


“Scientific Auto Data Series – Mark VII”.

Sold Price: £15.00

18 pages covering Basic Specification, Maintenance and Repair. Compact while comprehensive. VG.


Four maintenance charts. Caltex for XK 120.

Sold Price: £50.00

Caltex and Energol for saloons 1938-48. Separate chart for XK 120, Mark V and Mark VII. Also, Humber and Jaguar Quick Check-over Data Sheet and Torque-Wrench Loadings For Cars. Latter includes four Jaguar engines – 1.5 litre 1938-48. 2.5 litre 1937-50. 3.5 litre OHV 1938-50 and 3.5 litre OHC 1949-54. Home work for the amateur mechanic! All Good or VG.


“The current range of Jaguar cars”.

Estimate Price: (e£20-25)

8.5 x 5.5. 16 pp. Dated 10.68. Covers – Series 2 E-type, 240 saloon, XJ6 saloon and 420G saloon. An intriguing cross-over time! Internals are mono with spot mid-blue. Covers rubbed. Internals fresh and clean. VG.


Jaguar Journal – July 1950.

Sold Price: £33.00

This is the Factory magazine, not the North American club magazine and truly is a slice of Jaguar history. The lead article celebrates Leslie Johnson and Bert Hedley’s strong XK120 drive at Le Mans in that year. This convinced William Lyons that it was worth allocating serious development funds to Jaguar’s competition efforts – and the rest, as they say, is history! Very rare. Fine.


A cigarette case as presented to selected members of staff at Christmas and engraved inside the lid – “With Every Good Wish for Christmas & The New Year from Jaguar Cars”.

Sold Price: £250.00

The bar securing the cigarettes is also engraved with three initials “F.G.W.” I wonder if this was Fred Webber, who was the exhibitions man on Bob Berry’s PR team and whose second initial was “G”. Very unusually, the case is still in its original silk-lined presentation box with the winged Jaguar logo. Fine and rare.