Three Series 3 E-type brochures from America.

Estimate Price: (e£40-50 the Lot)

All carry the strap-line used in that market – “The Ultimate Cat”. Plus, the booklet “Genesis of the Jaguar V12”, which tells the story of the engine that powers this car. For more, see the photo. All VG or Fine.


“Jaguar ‘E’ Type Range – Series 2”.

Estimate Price: (e£40-50)

Eight-page concertina card folder. 11 x 7 opening to 11 x 28. Cover shows red disappearing right – sharpish! Dated 10/68. VG near Fine.


“Technical Specifications”.

Estimate Price: (e£40-50)

Nine-page booklet listing parts of the 2½ and 3½ litre Mark V and XK120 in seven European languages. If you are driving in Europe, this is for you. It covers such aspects as – Engine Dimensions, Engine Performance, Engine Details, Transmission, Chassis Details, Performance Data and Dimensions. If you want the carburettor fixed, point to that in the English section and run your finger across the line until you reach the language you want. Also covers the XK100, but you’ll probably not need that(!) RS o/w Fine.


Three US range brochures.

Estimate Price: (e£40-50 the trio)

Cover the likes of Series 1 E-type, Mark 2 and Mark X. For more, see the photo. VG.


Two colour guides and an accessory folder.

Estimate Price: (e£40-50)

For more, see the photos. VG.


A Jaguar Miscellany!

Sold Price: £50.00

Includes – “An entirely new car of unparalleled beauty”. Four-page private enterprise folder by “Foreign Motors Inc. of Brookline, Massachusetts. Four-page paper flier for “Purkess Limited” self-drive car hire. XK 120 listed in the middle of all the Consuls, Anglias and Rileys! “On Choosing a Jaguar” – XK150, Mark 2 and Mark IX. “On Choosing a Jaguar” a second one, this time for XK150, Mark 1 and Mark IX. “The current range of Jaguar cars”.. Dated 10.68. Covers – Series 2 E-type, 240 saloon, XJ6 saloon and 420G saloon. A nicely varied selection. All VG or Fine.


Service Manual for Duplex System of Engine Emission Control.

Estimate Price: (e£40-50)

Pub no – E.146/1. Small booklet at 15pp, plus Diagnostic Chart at the back. Undated. Deals with maintenance of the carburation, injection system and ignition of 4.2 litre engines as modified for the US market. Fine. Rare.


“Instruction Book for the Jaguar 2.5 and 3.5 litre models – 1946”.

Estimate Price: (e£40-50)

6 x 9.5. 78 pp. Front cover has eased from the text block, but an easy fix. Illegible dedication inside cover. Internals clean and unmarked. Good to VG.


SS Cars sales brochure “Improvements for 1940”.

Estimate Price: (e£250-300)

One of the pre-war black card-covered brochures (see also Lots 251 and 252). Tissue inter-leaves present front and back.  Page 1 is the Introduction to the 1940 range. A four-page “1940 Appendix” describing the improvements for 1940 is bound in. First page of the Appendix has revised price list sticker dated February 1940. Historic, as this was the last annual brochure to be issued by SS Cars before they switched to war-time production and the company became “Jaguar Cars” in 1945. Centre pages have eased from the staples o/w VG.


One of the first Jaguar sales offerings after the war ended.

Sold Price: £178.00

This thin card wallet contains reprints of two 1945 press reviews of “The Jaguar Programme” – one from Autocar dated 21 September 1945, the other from Motor and dated 26 September 1945. One pictorial card for each of the three saloons – 1.5, 2.5 and 3.5 litre – with detailed specs on the back. Price list on the flap also shows the “Special Equipment” model of the 1.5 litre saloon and bears the manuscript date “1946”. Another real rarity. VG nr Fine.


The 1948 launch brochure for the XK100 and XK120 sports cars, along with the Mark V saloon.

Estimate Price: (e£200-250)

Both were jointly launched at the 1948 Motor Show, so this is the true XK120 launch brochure, not the maroon brochure at Lot 643 above.  The thick card covers are pressed to give a” pigskin” effect with a metallic title plate on the front cover. The whole is secured with a plastic comb binder. Mk V illustrations include chassis details as well as tipped in colour plates for the saloons and the DHC. XK sports car illustrations include body details showing such early features as straight-sided windscreen pillars and the fuel filler cap inside the boot. Huge at 16.5 x 11, the 26 pages include detailed specifications in English, French, German and Spanish. There is a degree of spotting on the title page. It has been well protected by its original heavy card wrapper and is accompanied by a sales letter from Jaguar dated 9 May 1949. Fine.


The Series 3 E-type launch press pack.

Estimate Price: (e£150-175)

Embargoed to 29th March 1971. Covering letter signed by Andrew Whyte (Press Officer) and J. A. Graham (Technical Press Officer). Contents list is followed by 5 Sections – General Information (10-page press release). Engine (38 pages (!). Car (19 pages). Specifications (23 pages). Drawings (21 pages). Photographs (5). Apart from photographs, this is a complete pack, I know there are other photos, but I’ve never seen a definitive list so I’m not sure which are absent. Front flap has been cut to reveal the embargo block. Pack is bumped at the corners and with some wear, but has protected the contents well. Fine.


“Dunlop News” showroom poster celebrating Jaguar’s success in the 1997 World Sportscar Championship.

Sold Price: £100.00

Very unusually, this is the version produced for the German market. Fine.


Another Dunlop showroom poster, this time celebrating Jaguar’s win at the Daytona 24-hour race in 1988.

Sold Price: £100.00

The year, of course, of that brilliant Le Mans/Daytona double! Fine.


Jaguar poster celebrating their 1997 WSCC win.

Estimate Price: (e£40-50)

Specific mention of the XJR-8 that made it all possible. Fine.


Daytona 1988 again!

Estimate Price: (e£40-50)

This time a Jaguar poster with credit to the XJR-9. Fine.


Jaguar poster with splendid free-hand artwork that takes you through the production stages for the XJ4.2 and XJ5.3 saloons.

Sold Price: £57.00

This is a very rare poster and I gather it did not find favour with the high heid yins. “Too much detail!” – was the word. If indeed it was withdrawn early, that would account for its rarity. All that said – when seen full-size, it tells a fascinating story. Fine.


A Thackwell print of Roy Nockolds’ painting showing Ian and Pat Appleyard hammering through the mountains on the 1952 Alpine Rally.

Sold Price: £54.00

Printed on heavy laid paper. Fine.


“Vers Geneve”.

Estimate Price: (e£40-50)

E-type 77 RW en route to the launch in 1961. 19 x 24. Limited edition print no 9/500. Signed by artist Chris Phillips. Mounted, framed and glazed. Fine.


TWR XJS winning first time out at Donnington in 1984 by Keith Woodcock.

Estimate Price: (e£50-75)

Limited edition – 9/400. The car was driven by Chuck Nicholson and Win Percy. Signed by Chuck and Win. NB Win’s signature is rare on these prints. This is the only one I have ever seen. Fine.


“Seven Days and Seven Nights” by Keith Woodcock.

Sold Price: £50.00

Limited edition no 386/475. Portrays the world-record run at the Montlhéry track near Paris in August 1952. Signed by the drivers – Stirling Moss, Bert Hadley and Jack Fairman, as well as Mort Morris-Goodall, the team manager. A unique and unrepeatable set of signatures, as all four are no longer with us. Fine.


“Four Wins” by Andrew Kitson.

Estimate Price: (e£50-75)

Limited edition no 14/500. Celebrates Win Percy’s four victories in Nigel Webb’s D-type at the Le Mans Classic in September 2002. Given who was driving, I wonder if the title should have been “Five Wins”! Signed by Norman Dewis and Win, with a special note from Win – “To Nigel – Thank you for a Great Car“. Fine.


Jaguar polo shirt with four purple blocks – worn as a travel shirt in countries where the tobacco advertising was banned.

Estimate Price: (e£40-50)

Made by “Henbury” and size “XL”. Fine and appears to be unworn.


TWR Racing polo shirt – also worn as a travel shirt, initially for the XJ220 campaign at Le Mans in 1992.

Estimate Price: (e£40-50)

Made by “Orlando” and size “XL”. Fine and appears to be unworn.


“XJ 220” by Philip Porter with photos by Peter Burn.

Estimate Price: (e£250-300)

Let’s end the catalogue on a high note with this copy of Philip’s splendid book on the gestation, birth and development of the XJ220. The superb access that Philip and Peter enjoyed at Bloxham, as well as a huge number of interviews and much painstaking research, has given us a book that will not be surpassed any time soon. This copy has a dedication from Philip to a previous owner on the title page. Black cloth binding in black cloth slip-case. Both Fine.