If you have not already done so, I suggest you read the “Bidding Process” under the “Guidance” tab above before bidding. Click here to do so.

    In the main box of the proforma below, for each bid insert – 1. The Lot number. 2. A brief description, to verify the Lot number. 3. Your bid. You can enter as many bids here as you want. The form will lengthen to accommodate all your bids.

    The brief description is important. Each auction throws up several examples of a bidder’s eye drifting to the line above or below the intended Lot. Dissonance between the Lot number and the description alerts me to this.

    Please enter only one sum for each bid. This system will not accept bids like “£20 and up to £50”. Such bids will be regarded as a bid of £50.

    If you wish, you can give me discretion to extend your bid. In other words, if your basic bid succeeds that is the price you pay. However, if you are outbid, discretion enables me to increase your bid by 5% steps on your behalf until you either win the Lot or I reach the discretionary limit.

    Finally, please double-check all your bids before submission. When the auction is rolling the tempo is high and I cannot guarantee to flag up errors for rectification.