A pair of Lucas M5 headlights as fitted to Mk1 & Mk2, complete with bulbs.

Estimate Price: (e£75-100 the pair)

NOS. Unused. Fine.


A pair of 5-inch Lucas SFT 576 auxiliary driving lights – one ‘fog’ and the other a ‘flamethrower,’ as fitted to Mk1 saloons and others.

Estimate Price: (e£75-100 the pair)

Used but VG.


Pair Lucas Quartz Halogen auxiliary lights as fitted to the XJS and others.

Estimate Price: (e£75-100 the pair)

NOS. Unused. Fine.


An XKSS by AutoArt.

Sold Price: £120.00

1:18 scale. Since the company was established in 1998, AutoArt have set new and high standards with their 1:18 scale diecast model cars. The detailing is exceptional and can be properly appreciated at this scale. Mint. Boxed.


Five Jaguar books plus one on Le Mans.

Sold Price: £50.00

“Jaguar E-type – Factory & Private Competition Cars” by Peter Griffiths. “Jaguar from the Shopfloor” by Brian Martin, “Jaguar – All the Cars” by Nigel Thorley. “Jaguar XJ” by Chris Harvey. “Sir William Lyons – official biography” By Paul Skilleter and Philip Porter. “Le Mans” by Anders Ditlev Clausager. All VG.


A Hayes “Tudor” dipping mirror.

Estimate Price: (e£40-50)

From the 1950s and early 1960s. As fitted to a number of Jaguar models.


Six Champion RC7YC 14mm spark plugs, plus one 10 mm unused RS5C plug.

Estimate Price: (e£40-45 the Lot)

All RC7YC are NOS in original packing. The RS5C is also NOS, but unpacked. Fine.


Lucas 494 rear fog light from the 1950s/1960s.

Sold Price: £78.00

NOS. Unused. VG.


Two retirement presents for Jim.

Sold Price: £45.00

A marble ash tray adorned with a Version 3 mascot, plus the traditional tankard. Both Fine.


Four non-Jag books.

Estimate Price: (e£40-50 the Lot)

“Stirling Moss – All my Races” with Alan Henry. “Ford Competition Cars” by Frostick and Gill. “Racing the Silver Arrows” by Chris Nixon. “Flywheel” by inhabitants of Stalag 4B. POW camp in Germany – 1944-45. All VG.


Various switches, etc.

Estimate Price: (e£40-50 the Lot)

Two fuel caps, one with one key and the other with two.

Sold Price: £35.00

No indication of maker, but the one with one key has the annotation underneath “PJ  Bte SGDG Verntile Anti-Vol 1479” and the other “Brevete Ventile Beluftet. SGDG. Made in France.” VG.


A miscellany.

Estimate Price: (e£40-50 the pair)

Two “Classic Sports Car” Series 1:43 models – E-type & Aston Martin DB5, a 16-page A5 notebook with XJ13 on the covers, plus a group of pins. VG and Fine.

Section A/6

The Alan Sutcliffe Collection

Alan started his mechanical apprenticeship with Dutton Forshaw at Stockton in the 1980s and during his training he spent a lot of time at Browns Lane and that was the beginning of a life-long love of Jaguars - any model, any age! He stayed on the tools for approximately 10 years, before becoming a foreman, but remaining very much “hands-on”. After a few more years, he was promoted to Service Manager and had to hang up his overalls, but his Jaguar hobby continued - buying, restoring and selling the cars, while his collection of Jaguar memorabilia continued to grow.

Alan was an old-style Jaguar stalwart who devoted most of his adult life to the marque at the same dealership - and was very proud to do so. Sadly, he did not live to enjoy this for as long as he had hoped, or see his sons Jonathan and Joshua grow into two fine teenagers - as he was taken away at the far too early age of 45. His widow, Jeanette, has now entrusted me with passing Alan’s collection on to other like-minded enthusiasts and I am privileged to do so.

Alan’s Collection is rich in material relating mainly to the 1990s. Much of this material is hard to come by these days, so if you own a Jaguar of this era, you will find much of interest here.

Jeanette summed Alan up beautifully – “Like a stick of rock, he had “Jaguar” running thru the middle”!


An XK8 group.

Sold Price: £57.00

Press pack dated October 1996 reporting the car is now on sale – 6-page press release and two photos. “XK8 Accessories & Collection Salesman’s Guide” – 44-page booklet. Accessories & Collection Preview” – 19-page full-colour booklet. “Employee Open Day, 29 September 1996”. – 4-page card folder. All Fine.


An XK8 trio.

Sold Price: £40.00

Large bi-fold card brochure “The Cat is Back with a Roar” – focuses on the engine. “XK Series” – 37-page brochure on XK8 and XKR. Accessories & Collections – 31-page brochure. Fine.


S-type pair.

Estimate Price: (e£40-50 the pair)

Untitled, large 43-page brochure – JLM/10/02/06/00. Fine. “The New Jaguar S-Type” – bi-fold brochure. Top lh corner bumped.


A Daimler trio.

Estimate Price: (e£40-50 the trio)

“Daimler Six – Daimler Double Six” – 29-page brochure RD/10/01/02/96. “Daimler Six & Daimler Double Six” – 25-page brochure JLD/10/01/01/97. “Daimler Century” – large bi-fold brochure. All Fine.


A quartet.

Estimate Price: (e£40-50 the Lot)

“V8 Jaguar & Daimler Range” – 29-page brochure, “V8 XJ and Daimler Series 1999”. Poster folding out to 20 x 16. “Car Care Accessories” – 4-page card folder. “Accessories – XJS and Pre-1995 Saloons” – 27-page brochure JMM 3100 January 1997. All Fine.


An X350 pair.

Sold Price: £120.00

“The New XJ Series – Product Training for the Jaguar Sales Specialist.” Massive 117-page comb-bound booklet. 9 Sections dealing with all aspects of the car and how to sell it. Superb. Rare. Fine. “The New XJ Series” – 20-page brochure for customers. Fine.


An X350 pair, XJ6, XJ Executive & Sovereign – 33-page brochure.

Estimate Price: (e£40-50 the pair)

XJ Series – 1997 Accessories – 27-page including price list. Fine.


A super-charged trio.

Estimate Price: (e£40-50)

“XJ Sport – Supercharged XJR” – 33-page brochure JLD/10/01/04/96. “XJ Sport – Supercharged XJR” – 24-page brochure JLD/10/01/04/95. “XJ Sport & XJR Supercharged” – 25-page brochure JLD/10/01/04/97. VG.


An XJS pair.

Estimate Price: (e£40-50 the pair)

“XJS 4.0 Coupe & Convertible” – 14-page brochure. JDL/10/01/03/96. XJ Sedan & XJS Ranges 1996 Model Year Update” – 21-page Technical Guide. Brochure – Fine. Guide has mark lower left of cover – Good.


An unusual Pair.

Estimate Price: (e£40-50 the pair)

“The Jaguar Security Initiative” – Press pack on Jaguar’s immobiliser – “Peace of mind for just £375!”. “Paint Surface and Corrosion Warranty Inspection” – 18-page Technical Guide. Both Fine.


Pair of Service Tool booklets.

Sold Price: £40.00

A – “Jaguar Service Tools by V L Churchill.” 45-page booklet in 10 Sections – Engine. Gearbox & O/D. Auto transmission. Front & Rear Suspension. F & R Hubs & Brakes. Steering. Rear Axles. Electrical. Body & Misc. Main and Universal plus numerical index. Undated but for the following models- 6 & 12 cyl E-types, XJ6, XJ12, XJS 6 & 12 cyl. XJ40 and Limo. Each tool described and illustrated. Cover scuffed, internals Fine. B – “Jaguar Special Service Tools” by V L Churchill. 52-page booklet with the same Sections as above. Undated as before but now for – XJ Series 3 (6 & 12 cyl), XJS (6 & 12 cyl), XJ40, X300, Limo. Fine. Unused. Seldom seen and an important pair for any serious work on your car.


“The Jaguar Masters Programme – 1996/97”.

Sold Price: £40.00

A detailed learning and testing programme to prepare experienced staff to move up from, for example, Technician to Master Technician. An intriguing insight into just how much experience and knowledge forecourt staff carry with them! 4-ring binder in six Sections, plus newsletters, etc at the back. Fine. Seldon seen.


“Jaguar Identity Manual”.

Sold Price: £145.00

This is, in effect, Jaguar’s branding manual and deals with all key design and other visual aspects of the business. Basic elements such as logos, fonts and colours are prescribed for the likes of stationery, vehicle livery and internal & external signage. Premises are first outlined in terms of general design then specifics like – approach, customer area, car display area, service area, parts area, furniture & fittings and so on. Fascinating in both range and depth. I’d heard of these but this is my first opportunity to read one in detail. A massive 4-ring bound, loose-leaf document, nearly 2 inches thick. “Awesome!” I believe is today’s word. Fine.


“Finance Performance.”

Sold Price: £40.00

A Jaguar Finance two-way folder, with separate elements for the used car programme, individual finance and business finance. This is a natural pair with “Warranty Policy & Procedures,” which is what it says on the tin. Another hefty 4-ring binder dealing with selling and processing guarantees and any consequent claims. Both Fine.


“The Jaguar Telephone Programme”.

Estimate Price: (e£40-50)

Covers phones for the XJ6, and the XJS in the 1980s. In-car and mobile as well as extras such as insurance. 4-ring binder with 6 separate Sections, plus various leaflets. Fine.


“Dealer Training – XJ6/XJ12 Climate Control”.

Sold Price: £40.00

Two booklets – 17 pages on “system refrigeration” and over 50 on the electrical systems. At the back are several pages of related Technical Bulletins and papers. 4-ring binder, mid-1990s. Fine.


Although this is a Dealer Training folder, it actually contains a rare set of 10 Service Bulletins from 1988 to 1997 and ranging from 1 to 13 pages in length.

Sold Price: £34.50

Cars covered are – XJ6, XJS and XK8, plus the V12 engine. 4-ring binder. All contents VG or Fine.


Four Dealer Training booklets.

Sold Price: £40.00

Body & Paint Warranty Inspection. JDS User. ZF Electronics. The ‘Alternative’ Jaguars, Product Knowledge. All VG or Fine.


Three Technical Guides and one Operating Guidelines Booklet.

Sold Price: £40.00

XJ6 & XJ12 Range. 1995.75 Model Year Technical Introduction, August 1994. XJ6 & XJ12 Range. 1995.75 Model Year Update, February 1995. XJ6 & XJ12 Range. 1995.75 Model Year Update, May 1995 and Jaguar Time Management System. May 1995 booklet cover scuffed – Good. Rest VG.


Proof positive of just how good Alan was at his job!.

Estimate Price: (e£40-50)

These are the two trophies he won as Regional Finalist in the “Jaguar Masters Association” national competition, not once but in two successive years – 1995 and 1995! Fine. Unique.

Section B

General Jaguar Books


“Norman Dewis of Jaguar – Developing the Legend”.

Estimate Price: (e£300-350)

Paul Skilleter’s superb biography of Norman. The book is a balanced blend of inter-related stories – Norman’s life and career, the development of a world-beating range of cars, a different angle to the story of Jaguar Cars and, above all, of the team of people Norman worked with at the Jaguar. This unique career was crowned when Norman was appointed an OBE in 2015. This is the rare leather-bound collector’s edition in a cloth-bound slipcase. Signed by Norman and Paul. Mint book in Fine slipcase.


“Norman Dewis OBE of Jaguar” – Paul Skilleter’s fine biography of Norman.

Sold Price: £75.00

This is a big book. 9 x 12 and 575 pages long. Now out of print. Paul’s well-crafted and knowledgeable words are complemented and supplemented by an extraordinary range of illustrations, some seen here for the first time. Unusually, this copy is signed by both Norman and Paul. Fine.


“The Sports Car Collection – A Personal Endeavour” by Christian J Jenny.

Sold Price: £140.00

Chris’s superbly- produced celebration of his wonderful collection of Jaguars and SS Cars. Fine book in Fine slip-case.


“Jaguar – the History of a Great British Car” by Andrew Whyte.

Sold Price: £60.00

Special edition published for Jaguar Cars in 1980. Signed dedication by Andrew – “George, with best wishes”. Also signed by Lofty England and Bob Tullius of Group 44 in the States. VG.


“Jaguar – the definitive history of a Great British Car” by Andrew Whyte.

Estimate Price: (e£40-50)

Second edition. Patrick Stephens. 1985. Signed by Win Percy and rightly so too as the cover shows him driving the TWR XJS on its way to victory at Donnington, first time out in April 1984. VG.


“Les Metamorphoses du Jaguar” by Roland Urban.

Estimate Price: (e£40-50)

1993. A former French paratrooper, Roland was a luminary of the French Jaguar scheme in the 80s and 90s. His particular speciality was Jaguars that had been modified or adapted by others – for better or for worse! His own collection was unique and he ranged far and wide in his research for this book. It is made particularly accessible by being bi-lingual in English and French, though his translator was clearly not a native English-speaker. Unique, rare and fascinating. Fine.


“Vintage Jaguar Keyrings 1955-1980” by Morrill `Bud’ Marston.

Estimate Price: (e£40-50)

Dalton Watson. 2018. A unique record of a fascinating aspect of the Jaguar automobilia hobby. Bud’s approach is beautifully summarised by the Ralph Waldo Emerson quote that he puts right up front “Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” This book is a superb testament to Bud’s success in following Emerson’s advice! Fine in slipcase.


“Fantastigues Jaguar” by Bernard Viart and Xavier de Nombel.

Estimate Price: (e£40-50)

EPA in 1992. 12 x 10. 208 pp. This is the superbly-bound hard-back edition, protected by a strong slip-case. Not to be confused with the later soft-back editions. Ranges widely across the cars from the first SS Cars days to the early 1990s as can be seen from the list of contents in the second photo. Excellent photography throughout – some contemporary, some modern. Mint book in Fine slip-case.


A full set of the five Jaguar “Super Profiles” by Haynes.

Estimate Price: (e£50-75 the Lot)

Three are by Andrew Whyte and one each by Paul Skilleter and Philip Porter. They cover the following cars – SS 90 and SS 100. D-type and XKSS. XK120 & XK140. E-type and Mark 2. Rare as a set. All VG.


“A Different Breed of Cat”.

Estimate Price: (e£40-50)

Jaguar Cars 1972. 64 pp. 9.5 x 9.5. Although he is not credited, this was written by Andrew Whyte. A photo-review of the company’s history and products which is, in effect, the third edition of his “Case History” books. A milestone book for the Jaguar bibliophile as it is the only hardback book ever published by Jaguar as opposed to JDHT, etc. VG.


Both editions of “The Jaguar Scrapbook” by Philip Porter, 1989 and 2006.

Estimate Price: (e£50-75 the pair)

As one of the top Jaguar writers in the world, Philip has assembled an amazing collection of Jaguar automobilia from the earliest days of the company and he presents an intriguing selection in these two books. There is some overlap but together, they present a unique overview. Fine.


“Jaguar in America” by John Dugdale.

Estimate Price: (e£40-50)

2001 – 2nd edition. Aztek. Revised and updated by Michael L. Cook. 271 pp. A unique review of the post-war development of Jaguar’s operations in North America by two of the leading players. This is Mike’s presentation copy to Norman Dewis and has his note of thanks to Norman on the frontispiece. Fine.


“Jaguars for the Road” by Henry Rasmussen.

Estimate Price: (e£40-50)

Motorbooks International, USA. 1985. 11 x 9. A superb extended photo essay on the milestone cars. It starts with the SS 100 and ends with the XJS. Exceptional photos, many from the Road & Track picture archive, and well-informed commentary by one of America’s top-flight motoring writers. Fine book in VG dw. Seldom seen outside the States. VG/VG.


Two books by Nigel Thorley, one of our leading Jaguar writers and a founder member of the Jaguar Enthusiasts Club.

Estimate Price: (e£40-50)

“Jaguar: Marketing the Marque – The History of Jaguar Seen Through Its Advertising, Brochures and Catalogues” and “Jaguar in Coventry: Building the Legend.” Two books with an unusual take on Jaguar’s history and both very well researched, as is always the case with Nigel’s books. Fine.


“Jaguar – The Engineering Story” by Jeff Daniels. Haynes.

Estimate Price: (e£40-50)

2004. 224 pp. The post-war story from the creation of the XK engine for the XK120 and Mark VII through to the V8 and the V6 engines. Jeff is a specialist engineering writer Fine/Fine.

Section C

Julian Kirk's New Cartoons For 2023

These are all original water-colours, especially commissioned for our 2023 calendar. They are painted on heavy, laid paper approx. 22 x 15 and all are signed by Julian.  Other paintings by Julian can be found throughout the catalogue. 

“The last resting place of a driver!”.

Estimate Price: (e£100-150)

“I’ve found him Daddy!”.

Estimate Price: (e£100-150)